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Bartosz Urbanowicz Concert for Polonia United

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Bartosz Urbanowicz brings an impressive resume to the stage for an artist so early in his career. His musical education began at the Music School of Rzeszów where he studied with noted voice teacher Anna Budzinska. as After four years of study, he graduated and began his advanced training at the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice where he was granted an advanced degree with honors in 2005. Even at an early age Bartosz offered an exceptional voice and presence on stage. In 2005, at age 23, he debuted as Varlaam in Boris Gudunov, a role he was to reprise with Wroclaw Opera in early 2013.

During his educational years Bartosz had the opportunity to perform roles such as Sarastro in Die Zauberflöte, soloist in Mozart’s Requiem, and soloist in Bach’s Magnificat. By the time he completed his education, Bartosz began performing regularly with several of the larger companies in Poland. Important roles and dates include Gawrius in D. Szostkowski’s opera Gracze and playing the dual roles of Louis Capet and Condorcet in Roger Waters’ opera Ça Ira which had its pre-premiere in August, 2006. The event was televised by National Television Program One.

Adding to his impressive list of accomplishments, Bartosz performed in Completorium by G. G. Gorczycki after which he took part in a ten concert tour of the production in Italy. Upon completion of the Italian tour he participated in creation of the professional studio recording of Gorczycki’s opera. During his early years he was fortunate to work with directors such as Gianfranco De Bosio, Maciej Prus, Wies?aw Ochman, Janusz Józefowicz, and Grzegorz Jarzyna.

Bartosz works regularly with three of Poland’s largest opera companies, Wroclaw, Krakow, and Posnan Opera. . He is a frequent voice on opera recordings in his home country and is in demand when an exceptional voice and presence on stage are required. Bartosz resides in Sumina, Poland with his wife Karina and his three children .

See website: www.bartoszurbanowicz.com


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